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Compete for legendary experiences and prizes from your favorite brands and celebrities
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BYU Football -
Ode to Independence
Race against the clock to win a legendary BIG 12 VIP game day experience.
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Compete for amazing prizes including a VIP Comic & Pop Culture Convention Experience.
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How it works
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Skavengerz hosts diverse quests from your favorite brands and celebrities. There's something for everyone.

Complete fun and challenging tasks

A quest is made up of a series of tasks. Complete each task sequentially to finish the quest.

Win legendary experiences

The people with the fastest overall times—Not the first to finish—win big! Multiple prizes for multiple people!

Race against the clock

Each quest has a begin date and an end date. Enter at any time during the quest and complete all the tasks before the quest closes.

Fastest time—not first to finish—wins! Your clock starts and stops when you begin and end each task. Your total time (all tasks put together) determines your ranking. There's no need to quit your day job!

Earn valuable coins along the way

In Skavengerz, you earn coins for completing tasks in each quest. Coins can be collected and redeemed for valuable hints so you can complete tasks faster. Coins never expire and may be used in any quest you join, regardless of when or where you earn them.

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